LIVE 6 10 2012

by i AM esper



live performance @ hidden cities new brunswick, new jersey on 6.10.2012 with planning for burial.

3" CDr released on Scolex Recordings can be bought here


"Until recently, i AM esper had been a solo project, but now Justin Palmieri has been joined by Justin Matthew Mooney for recordings and the project’s first live performances. This 3″ CDr captures one of these performances. It’s hard to tell who’s controlling which sounds on this recording, but they blend very well. It starts out with a series of slowly repeating electric baritone guitar notes circling over a pool of echoing drone. Gradually, more notes become audible, and the intensity increases. You start to hear some sort of distant thudding. It starts to feel like a fog enveloping and thickening around you. Eventually you’re trapped inside some sort of mirror chamber and you start to hear tremors. Right before it starts to become deafening, however, it begins to fade away, and in a minute or two, it’s over. Being that this disc was a 3″, the actual performance could’ve gotten even more intense, but you get the feeling it was coming down by the end of the disc anyway. Still, a really nice, tense set. The CDr was limited to 50, and should still be available, but it’s up at the Scolex Recordings Bandcamp, which has tons of other free goodies as well." - foxy digitalis -


released June 11, 2012

Justin Palmieri - electric baritone guitar and effects
Justin Mooney - electronics




i AM esper New Brunswick, New Jersey

Minimalistic Lofi drone ambient /post-rock from the USA

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